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am20.jpgWomen’s Educational Center (SIC - in latvian l.) is a social organization founded on September, 1999 and registered with the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia on the 16th of March, 2000. The founders of the Centre are three ladies of different professions infatuated with the same idea to unite women in their aspiration to improve. They are Jelena Kukina, a doctor, Tatjana Haritoncik, an economic and psychologist, and Lidia Sarri, an engineer. Tatjana Haritoncik is the president of Women’s Educational Centre.

Our goals are the following: to envisage solution of female problems; to enhance women’s harmonious development, to emphasize the role of a woman in social, economic and cultural life of a society. We offer life-long education for adults.

Our courses, programs, consultations, cooperative relaxation help to get constantly new information and knowledge, cognize oneself, achieve potential and make necessary skills in the environment of quickly changing world. 

SIC is a friendly team of specialists, who are experts in their fields. We guarantee you the knowledge which can really improve your life.The Centre has very amiable and cosy aura. You are always welcome and can get a piece of advice for different life experiences. We mainly arrange small-group studies because we consider your individual needs and offer schedules, conditions and programs which can meet your demands best of all.

Many of our visitors have become our friends and found new contacts here. Some ladies have improved their relations with close people, someone has found a job, somebody has achieved her personal potential and started to believe that everything is possible in the world because all the best things in our life are realized through the people we meet on our way.

Open your heart and you would be amazed at the beauty of our world!

Our projects include such aspects as:

·  Crisis prevention/management: Socio-Psychological support programs for women designed to help to overcome serious problems causing stress and personal destabilization and insecurity.

·  Education/training: Educational programs and training courses promoting personal development and self-realization of women and helping them to apply their knowledge in gaining a higher status in society.

·  Studying and Mastering the Latvian Language;

·  Conversational English;

·  Course of Market Economy;

·  How to Become Your Own Leader;

·  Computer course;

·  Style and Image;

·  Stress Relief Techniques and Strategies.

Good gifts for your beloved:Gift cards, certificates, vouchers for your family, relatives and friends for different courses, trainings and trips.Design and development are tailor-made.Time of production from 1 day to 1 week.The gift cards, certificates and vouchers cannot be returned, exchanged or reimbursed in the form of money equivalent.

Information for sponsors and philanthropists: Women’s Educational Centre as a non-profit organization would be grateful for any kind of support made for improvement of their financial and technical base and for social and psychological help rendered to both women and men.

Our address:  Our requisites:
(Women Educational Center)  (Women Educational Center)  
Strugu street 2a, Rīga, Latvia
 Maltas street 19-17, Riga, Latvia, LV-1057
mob.phome : +371 29410825 Bank: AS “SEB Latvijas Unibanka”  
e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it Swift: UNLALV2X
skype: sic.99. Account: LV52UNLA0050010621900 
web page: www.sic.lv  



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